List of Surf Champions Coached and Shapers/Glassers Taught

by Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson
Last update June 2008

Here is a list to the best of my recollection of all those great surfers I coached, mentored, or
taught to shape or glass since 1960s. There are many others.

  • John Van Ornum
  • David Van Druff
  • Jeff Smith
  • Mary Setterhome
  • David Kerr
  • Bobby Burchell
  • Johnny Mitchell
  • Rusty Henderson
  • Dana Krimbrow
  • Greg Clemmons
  • Mike Downey
  • Greg Escalante
  • David Hilts
  • Katie Coryell
  • Aaron Powell
  • Rick Fignetti
  • Bobby Neishi
  • Whitney Guild
  • Dave Sobel