Frank Addleman
Surfing Background

Frank Addleman started surfing in Hawaii in 1951. Back then, and up until the late 1950's there were no contest or professional surfing at the time.

Looking back over the years, he was fortunate enough to have surfed, paddled and canoed with many legends of surfing and many friends who later became legends in their own right. As a young man he surfed Queens at Waikiki with Duke Kahanamoku, Rabbit Kakai, and many of the other Waikiki Beach Boys. Blackout Whaley was best known for his private tandem surfing lessons with famous movie stars while Blue Makua was know for finishing a fight. Other legends in the fifties that I surfed with were George Downing, Buffalo, Tom Blake, Jose Angel, and Walt Hoffman. Others who he surfed with regularly were Greg Noll, Hap Jacobs, Dale Velez, Mickey Dora, Terry Tracy {Tube Steak}, Mike Sting, Allen Gomez, etc.

In the early 1950's most of the surfers in California were small groups from the various beach towns up and down the coast. Frank never actually held a formal job in the surfing industry but he did help out at many shops. He may have been one of the first sanders for Greg Noll in Hermosa Beach. He was making boards in his garage at the time and Frank was one of his sanders for about $3.00 each board. He'also worked for awhile for his surfing buddy and fellow wrestler Dewy Weber, helping him move into his shop at Balona Creek. Then later, while attending Long Beach State, he worked for Jack Haley Surfboards briefly. He also helped his good friend Bob Olson of Ole' Surfboards build three boards that were used for a trip to the Ranch. He still has that 7'6" board!

Frank at a 1956 Event