B ob   Anderson

Some Surfing History

Bob Anderson - Is an avid surfer from the South Bay area of Southern California and a member of the Haggerty's Surf Club. As a long time competitor, he won or placed in numerous events including winning the Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach Invitational, and Seal Beach Invitational, was third in the World Games of Surfing, the A.A.U. and the k38 Mexico Champion.

Other wins included the WSA 35, 40, and 50 and up championship, 2nd in WSA. Oceanside, Ocean Beach, San Diego 50 and above, the San Clemente pier longboard P.L.A. and so forth. He was also the TOM MOREY invitational nose riding championship at San Onofre.

Bob is still an active surfer and continues to compete.

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