J ohn   Burich

Some Surfing History

John started surfing in the early 60's along with his crew of LA county lifeguards that included among great watermen, Greg Noll, Pete Cole, and Bob Hogan. They were all very active in the lifeguard competitions surfing, paddling, dory racing and John even had the world record dummy-tow in the 70's.

Early boards were long and heavy. One board he still has is 11'6" by Jeffrey Dale that must weigh 50 lbs. He also had a Harbour board and some homemade balsa boards -yes early guns. In the 70's he had Eddie Talbot shape a thruster type board that was about 9'. Dennis Andries also shaped a variety of longboards and fun shapes for his family before Mike Stavros took over the business and still shapes today.

John has been a biology teacher and worked closely with John Olguin as a lifeguard and friend. Olguin has been instrumental in the development of the Cabrillo Beach Aquarium and coastal conservation/appreciation projects long before the inception of Surfrider.

A LAUSD teacher, he also coached/weight trained the Carson High School football team and held one of the first surf programs for inner city kids through the high school in the early 80's. The surf program Burich started at Carson High School lasted only a few years in the 80's and John has since retired.

He served as an LA County lifeguard for over 40 years earning the 'Bronze Warrior' award from the city before retiring in 2004. His profile and photos can be seen as part of the lifeguard archives being assembled through Pepperdine University.

John and lifeguard truck at Whites Point in San Pedro 1990's