Cy Lucas
Surfing Background

Cy started surfing in 1958, trekking from Palo Alto over the hill to nearby Santa Cruz in Northern California. When his parents moved to Los Altos, Cy became even more enthralled with surfing hanging out with the "Los Altos Surf Crew" consisting of such standout surfers as Doug and Dan Haut, Gary Webb, Nino Bachar and Dee Quinett.

Cy surfed many of the breaks in and around Santa Cruz during the early sixties when a handful of surfers was considered a crowd. His home base was The Hook but surfed Sharks Cove, Pleasure Point, Manresa, 26th Avenue, Steamer Lane, Four Mile and Rivermouth. This last spot holds a special place for Cy as he pearled here one day in 1964 - his board then shot back hitting him in the chin knocking out four teeth. Coincidence or not, Rivermouth hasn't broken with such consistency since that fateful day.

Cy took a hiatus from surfing from 1966 until 1986. Coming full circle, Cy taught little brother Jim how to surf in 1964. Jim returned the favor getting Cy involved in the sport once again.

Cy picked up where he left off. Soon he was back in Santa Cruz as co-owner of Seabright Surf Shop and Santa Cruzin' - California's first "Longboard Only" surf shop. Cy was elected to two terms as President of Big Stick Surfing Association and was an esteemed Contest Announcer for many of the longboard contests held in Santa Cruz from the late 1980s throughout the 1990s.

With Cy's election, he and his little brother, Jim, become the first brothers to be in the Ironman Surfing/Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Cy and Jim Lucas - 2001

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