Sam Dusatko
Surfing Background

Sam Dusatko (Sam Seaweed) is one of the early day Orange County legends. He started surfing in the late 50's to early 60's with the 5th Street Crew of Sunset Beach, California. They were some of the best surfers of that time and many went on to surf the beginnings of the Pro era. Don Dusatko, his older brother, was president and founder of 5th Street. Don, as well as his dad, were responsible for getting him hooked on surfing and the Love for the Ocean!

His contest involvement extends back to the WSA contests in the late 1960s, as both a competitor and judge. He also was responsible for assembling teams for club events for the USSF in the early 70's in North County, San Diego, in one of the biggest early attempts, by the surfing community to get surfing in the Olympics. Some of these teams were sponsored by Sam Surfboards (a small surf company he formed in the 1970/71 period).

He worked with Robert Kho in WSA District 5 for a period of time. His most memorable contest besides the U.S. Championships was the "Save The Lighthouse Contest". He was almost slammed into the cliff during the finals at Steamers Lane but Dr. Scott pulled off one of his famous rescues at Steamers and saved the day for Sam. The greatest thing that evolved out of that contest was that not only did the money raised from the contest save the lighthouse from being demolished, but it was subsequently turned into a surfing museum!

Sam surfed for Nancy/Walt Katin surf wear, along with Mike Purpus and Drew Harrison during the beginnings of the pro era with Nancy's $50 to the winner of the Underdog Contest at Huntington Beach Cliffs. He competed in the 1992 Pro/Am Southern California Edison Invitational in Huntington Beach.

Sam is also a manufacturer. He has designed and shaped/manufactured surfboards since the 60's working with Bob Ole, the Arsmans. His most popular and current board is the Seaweed Funshapes. This was developed in the mid 90's.

Sam helped with the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum as a past board member in it's early formation. He has also had some of his students at Santa Fe HS volunteer at the museum for their senior project on Surfing.

As a mentor for high school students at Santa Fe HS, he currently shows kids how to design and shape surfboards as well as develop historical lectures on Surfing, bringing it to it's present state. Many of his students choose to do their senior projects on the history and development of the surfing world and industry. Some choose to tackle making a surfboard! His new style funshape along with the "old school" longboards are among their favorites. Also at Santa Fe, he developed and coached the first all girls water polo team. They went to C.I.F. [Southern cal Championships] their first year.

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