Jack Mahoney
Surfing Background

Jack Mahoney started surfing on Long Island in New York in 1963. He bought his first surfboard in 1964, a 9’ 2” California pop-out brand Dextra. His main Surfing spots were Gilgo Beach, Cedar Beach and Hemlock Cove. Eventually he became a Town of Babylon Lifeguard at those beaches where surfing was an everyday thing.

He taught local kids surf lessons at Babylon and Westhampton Beaches taught surf Lessons to children with Autism, and is credited as starting the careers of local surfers.

Jack started lifeguarding on still water in 1968. Although surfing during all of those years, he didn’t start lifeguarding on the ocean until the 1980’s and lifeguarded on the Ocean for Babylon until 2005. After 2005, Jack became an Assistant Chief Lifeguard for the Town of Southampton. Jack is still a “sitting ocean rescue lifeguard” and Assistant Chief for town of Southampton. With that Jack is always there to outwork many of the younger guards in our daily workouts and is always seen helping the rookie guards in a variety of ways during his work day at the beach. Jack is an extremely respected and endeared member of the Southampton Ocean Rescue Team.

Jack has a surfboard collection of over 10 surfboards (including the 1st Dextra) and 3 paddle boards. He still surfs and paddleboards (with his grandkids) in the Bays and Ocean Beaches from Westhampton Beach to Ditch Planes, Montauk, New York.