R ich   Myers

Some Surfing History

Rich Myers is one of the last great surfer/watermen who still charges as hard as ever. He is one of the second generation Malibu surfers with other greats such as J Riddle. Moving to the Santa Monica/Malibu from Newport Beach, he quickly secured a spot on the Natural Progression Surf Team. He surfed in some Californian contests in the mid to late 70's, mostly just to prove to himself he could match the top surfers around. He surfed with and against guys like Jay Riddle, Allen Sorlo, Scott Daley, Chris O'Rourke, Mohn Mcclure, Joey Boran, and Mike Benevidez. He placed high in major Californian competitions and won many local competitions.

His personal best though was in the Malibu Sunkist Pro Invitational. He had to surf through the trials of 250 top Californians to make the main event, and then made it to the quarter finals, knocking out some International pros on the way including Mark Warren. He continued on the Natural Progression Surf Team for some time after ending his competitive career and was in a number of surf films.

He discovered windsurfing in the early '80 and because of his intense surf background became a pro wave sailor riding most of the best waves around the planet. Richie and John Geyer traveled throughout Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and the Texas coast as windsurfing pros.

Nestled in the forest over looking Dunsborough Bay is the house Rich built by himself. He is now living a beautiful surfing lifestyle, a combined family with wife Anne, in Yallingup (Margaret River area). Richie was one of the featured surfers in Scott Dietrich's film "Seven Seas".

Richie is still doing tow-ins in massive South Western Australian outer reefs in his 50s, riding his 9 foot longboard in double overhead Yallingup Point with his son Reef Myers, and surfing sweet little beach breaks on his 66 short board with his youngest son, Rye. Though he has been featured in various surf movies and surf magazine articles, he truly just surfs for the love of being in the water.

Rich Myers & son Ry were special guests at the SoloSports Campo in October 2007. It was about 20 years since Rich had been to the Point. Credited with popularizing PSC as a wave sailing destination in 1984, Rich was pleasantly surprised to find things better than he'd left it. He showed everyone in camp that he still has a few moves left both behind the bar and on the water. Ry has many of the famous Myers-isms but has managed to acquire the skill of finishing a sentence. Ry -you're one lucky kid!