R ich   Myers

Some Wrestling History

Rich was both a miracle wrestler and a very competitive La Quinta High school wrestler, placing in many tournaments. He had 5 matches on varsity his 1st season and ended up 4-1. His sophomore year he wrestled varsity 98 class had 10 wins (7pins) and two close losses. 4-3. His junior year he moved up to 115 lbs and had the same results - 10 wins (6pins) 2 losses (by decision). In his entire wrestling career he always got the take down, even in the matches lost by decision, and was never pinned.

Long Beach State was courting Rich when he was run down by a car. Rich went into Huntington Beach hospital, intensive care, with a split liver, broken back, punctured lungs, and multiple lacerations. Rich had his intestines spread out on the street and he was given only a 5% chance of surviving. His team was stunned, prayers came from all corners. Fortunately, Rich was a wrestler, which is a mind set that doesn’t quit and knows it’s personal; He pulled through and recovered.

He still wrestled after his accident. His first match back was one of his losses 4-2. He got sick and spewed all over the mat, plus ripped his stomach scar open, but he didn't quit and went the 3 rounds. Everyone in the stands clapped because they knew it was a difficult match for him personally. He did get a little break though when the ref's had to wipe up his spew so the match could go on.

He didn't wrestle my senior year because of a move to Santa Monica & Malibu, and due to family complications. Rich was recently quoted as saying: “Wrestling teaches you to put everything on the line, and you never forget that.”

The picture is from Fotthill high was when he was a freshman. He weighed 86lbs but had to wrestle in the 98lb class.