Dr. Robert Scott
Surfing Background

While at UCLA, Doc Scott rode his first wave at San Onofre in 1949. He was introduced to surfing by Bill Roth and stood up on a Velzy balsa board that was shellacked. Doc thought for a minute after saying this and wondered how much that board would be worth today.

In the mid to late Ď60ís a familiar sight at the Lane in Santa Cruz was Doc Scottís big green Dodge camper with the bubble top. All three of Doc's girls were exposed to surfing, but Brenda made it into a career. Docís van could be seen up and down the coast at all of the Western Surfing Association (WSA) competitions. Many times Doc was the announcer, heat organizer, statistician and a judge at these events. For many years he was also Chairman of the United States Suufing Association. He competed in seniors and in tandum during US Championship events. During these events he often offered free ear examinations.

Dr. Scott is the founder of Doc's Proplugs. As an avid research he was able to demonstrate the effects that water and exposure to cold have on the ear. These findings led to the invention of Doc's Proplugs.