National Surfing/Wrestling
"Iron Man"

Many similarities exist between wrestling and surfing: strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, individuality, and self determination. Established in 1998, this "Ironman" Hall-of-Fame recognizes those athletes who have excelled through either competition, coaching, manufacturing or other contributions to both sports. Those nominated must have made a significant contribution or achieved a high level of excellence in at least one sport.

There are 8 styles of wrestling: Folkstyle, Greco-Roman, Freestyle, JUDO, Jui Jitsu, SOMBO, Grppling, and Catch as Catch Can.

Background of the two oldest sports

NOTE: The National Surfing/Wrestling "Ironman" Hall of Fame is physically located in the Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

Frank Addleman Redondo Beach/Seal Beach Dewey Webber Surfboards/Jack Haley Surfbaords El Camino College/LB State/Coac - Santa Anna College JCAA/Pacific Coast Championships 2nd/NCAA Qual
Bob Anderson Torrance/Redondo Beach/Maui WSA Champion/Haggerty's Surf Club El Camino College/Adams State College/NCAA Champ National Champion/Olympic Trials Champion/Coach
Chuck Barfoot Surf Team Member/Surfboard Designer Greg Noll Surf Team, Koseff's Surf Shop, Beach Heaven, NJ NJ High School Champion Southern Regional HS, Manahawkin, NJ
James Blears Surfer/Waterman/Surf Contest Announcer Hawaii NWA Champion/Professional Wrestler WWF/Hawaii
John Burich Surf Coach/Waterman LA County/Carson HS Professional Wrestler WWF/Los Angeles
Mike Downey Pro Longboard Tour/Surfing Coach/HBHS Surf Team Huntington Beach HS, Huntington Beach, CA Judo Black Belt
Raul Duarte State Champion/Surfing Coach Huntington Beach HS, Golden West College, Huntington Beach, CA Coach/Wrestler Cal. State. Univ. Long Beach
Sam Dusatko Pro-Surfer/Manufacturer/Judge/Surfing Coach Santa Fe HS, CA, Sunset Beach, CA Coach/Wrestler Norwalk HS/Cerritos College, CA
Dave Falkenau Surf Coach/Shop Owner/Shaper Army-Navy Academy HS, Carlesbad, CA Coach/Wrestler Mishawaka HB, IN, Ball State Univ, IN
Clay Feeter Surfer/SUP Magazine Editor York, Main Wrestler Lealand HS, CA
Bruce Gabrielson AAA Ranking/WSA Director/ National Place Finisher/Shaper/Manufacturer/Coach HBSA President, Wave Trek Surf Team, Surfing Walk of Fame, Huntington Beach, CA Coach/National Place Finisher/AAU GR/FS & Sombo Grand Nat Champ Southern Maryland WC/Cal. State Univ. Long Beach Wrestling Team/National Wrestling Hall of Fame
John Geyer Big Wave Pioneer/Pro Windsurfer/AAA Surf Ranking Surfboards Hawaii Surf Team Newport Beach, CA/ SOS Surf, Western Australia Champ National Place Finisher/HI AAU State Champ/Australian Champ Cal. State Univ. Long Beach/US Army Wrestling Team
Sam Hammer Professional Shortboarder Dan Taylor Surfboards Surf Team, Lavallette, NJ State Qualifier Point Pleasant Beach HS, NJ
Dru Harrison National Champion Bing & Petrillo Surf Team, Hermosa Beach, CA State Qualifier Mira Costa HS
Jimmy Hogan World Champion Longboarder Gordon&Smith Surf Team, San Clemente, CA State Champion San Clemente HS
Roger Holden Competitor/ Pioneer Designer/ Surfboard Manufacturer Island East Surfboards by Holden Manahawkin, NJ NJ State Placewinner, Coach/Level I Official Wildcat WC/ Southern Regional HS in NJ
James Hurd World Surfing Games in Rincon, Pres and VP of FSPR Surfing Legend, Puerto Rico 4x University Champ, National Team, Wrtestling Comissioner Wrestling Legend, Puerto Rico
Cy Lucas Manufacturer/Club President Seabright Surf Shop/Big Stick Surf Club, Santa Cruz, CA Coach/National Placefinisher San Jose State University/San Francisco Olympic Club
Jim Lucas Surfrider Foundation Director Team Captain, Da Bull/Greg Noll Surf Team/ Big Stick Surf Club, Santa Cruz, CA Coach/National Placefinisher Olympic WC/San Jose State University
Jack Mahoney Surf Instructor/Lifeguard Waterman Coach/National Wrestling Hall of Fame Sachem HS, NY
Terry McCann Surfrider Foundation National Chairman Olympic Gold Medalist University of Iowa
Pat McGrath Surfboard Shaper/Manufacturer Island East Surfboards, Manahawkin, NJ New Jersey HS State Champion/USAW All-American Wildcat WC/Columbia University
Rich Myers Waterman/Surfer/Sailboarder Natural Progression Surfboards, Malibu Beach, CA Multiple Place Finisher La Quinta HS, Newport Beach, CA
Adam Ngelozzi Beach Patrol/Waterman Long Beach Island, NY Wrestling Coach/2x Division III National Qualifier Barnegat High School, NJ
Dan O'Cone Beach Patrol/Waterman/Surf Coach Jenkinson's Beach, NJ Wrestling Coach/3x Division III All-American/Coach Lavalette HS, NJ
Pat O'Hare Shaper, Shop Owner Cocoa Beach, FL CIF Wrestling Champion Mira Costa HS, CA
Casey Paglia ESA and ECSC competitor, surf camp Instructor Chincoteague Island, VA 3x VA state champion, NHSCA High School All-American Northampton HS, VA, American Univ.
Edwin Rooney Surfing Pioneer/Lifeguard Jones Beach, NY NCAA All-American/National AAU Runner-up Syracuse University
Robert Scott Surfing Pioneer/USSA Founder Santa Cruz, CA Team Captain UCLA
Kelly Slater 11 Time World Champ Coco Beach, FL Jui Jitsu Black Belt
Shannon Sofield Surf Team Member Wave Riding Vehicles
New Jersey
NCAA Conference Runner-up, Varsity Coach Princeton University, 2x State GR Champion Princeton University
Joel Tudor National Champion/World Longboard Champion/ASP Tour Joel Tudor Surfboards
National Champion/PanAm Games Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Alan Walti Haggerty's Surf Club, Surfrider Foundation, Big Wave Rider Redondo Beach, CA Sectional Champion, Member CIF State Champion Team South High School, CA
Dewey Weber Surfboard Manufacturer/Surfing Walk-of-Fame Pioneer Dewey Weber Surfboards, Hermosa Beach, CA 3x California State Champion Mira Costa HS

This Hall-of-Fame not only recognizes several outstanding dual sport contributors, but is also intended to raise community awareness of just how close surfing and wrestling really are.

Now that female wrestling is on the rise, we expect to have a nomination from this gender in the near future. Nominations to this list can be made at any time.

Send email with nominations, comments or questions. Nominations will be acted on by all available members of the current list solely on merits.

"Both sports require so much individual commitment. They require one to expose all their soul to all who watch. Wins and defeat are experinced alone in the public eye. Both require a certain pain tolerance and will to not give-up, whether looking at the lights while fighting off your back or paddling back out against a huge set. Keep up the good work." -- Jim Zimny

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